Return to reuse
The world is filled with waste. From the beginning of industrialization, humanity has acted in such a way that it is first produced, then used, and finally discarded.

The mode of operation is burdensome for the environment and consumes natural resources. The culmination of this wasteful development has been disposable packaging designed for single use only.


Kamupak is a new service and packaging solution that replaces disposable packaging, offering the consumer an easy and fast way to reduce disposable waste while saving the environment.

Kamupak's goal is to replace the amount of disposable packaging waste related to food with a reusable solution. The used Kamupak container will be returned to the Kamupak return point against a deposit.

After return, we will ensure the packaging is washed and returned to circulation. The containers last for numerous uses and rotate as long as it is safe. When the packaging reaches the end of its life cycle, we can collectively return the packaging back to the manufacturer, who can make the material new products. Thus, the materials remain in circulation for as long as possible, reducing the use of virgin raw materials.

Join us in our story and journey

towards a more litter-free future!