The Kamupak story

When life stops, it becomes clear to a person what is really important.’

The idea behind Kamupak was born when our CEO Iida's life was close to ending. When Iida suffered a brain injury as a result of a serious accident, not only everyday life changed but also the vision of where our founder should spend their time on earth.


Stubborn eco-anxiety made Iida consider alternatives to the disposable culture. She still continues to witness the destruction caused by this through her daily outdoor activities. 

nettisivuille perustajart.png

Now, four years later, Iida has rehabilitated and built a functioning and scalable circular economy service model with our founding partners Karri and Eero. Kamupak's mission is driven by an ambitious and competent team, which shares not only a relaxed attitude to life, but also a sustainable value base.

Kamupak is a circular economy service for products and materials that can be reused.


Our first products, the KamuDishes intended for transporting takeaway food, are used in restaurants all over the country, and our customer base is expanding every week.

However, our vision of world conquest is not limited to takeaway lunches. Kamupak's deposit system is built in such a way that, in theory, any number of products can be attached to it.

So we're focused on playing the long, sustainable game, and one thing is more certain than ever: we're here to stay. Kamupak is a company of a future where single use consumption culture is history. 


If our founding story inspires anything, it's the power of manifestation: 

We want to act as a catalyst for new circular economy solutions, both in Finland and abroad.

And finally, we want to fulfill our real mission, which is to be a new, mass-accepted way of consuming sustainably.

So take part in the revolution today - choose sustainable Kamu for your takeaway! 
Let's change the world together, one meal at a time.