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Takeaway has come to stay and now it’s time to amp up the packaging game. Disposable packages take a toll on the environment as well as your wallet.
With our deposit system Kamupak is committed to replacing disposable products with sustainable re-use items. It’s a win-win for everyone!

KamuBox 2L

KamuBox 1,7L

KamuBox 0,5L

KamuCup 0,25L

KamuCup 0,4L

How does it work:
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We deliver all Kamu products and marketing material needed, as well as set up the Kamupak Partner App for you.


We train your staff, and promote you on Kamupak App and on our social media.

Customer orders their takeaway in a reusable KamuDish and pays the deposit along with their purchase.


Your personnel scan the QR code of the KamuDish with the Kamupak Partner App. 

A returned KamuDish is scanned and washed at the location to be reused.


The customer can choose to exchange the returned dish for a fresh one, get their deposit back or receive a digital KamuCredit.

Perks of being a partner
  • Positive impact on the environment

  • Saving money on package material

  • Customers will thank you for being ecological

  • Our high-quality products are hygienic and air-tight

  • We have made things easy for you — we’ll set you up ready to go!

  • The deposit system will keep happy customers coming back to you again and again

Contact us by filling in the information below and we’ll send you more details. Join us in minimizing waste created by disposable packages one dish at a time!