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Reusable packaging for your restaurant

Would you like to offer your customers an environmentally friendly and waste-free packaging option while saving on packaging costs?

On this page you will find more information about Kamupak's service. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.  

KamuBoxes and Cups

  • KamuBox sizes 1.7l, 1.2l and 0.5l. KamuCups 250ml and 340ml

  • Hygienic and durable, withstands cold and hot, the lid can be tightly closed

  • After 6 uses, a more environmentally friendly option than disposable take-away boxes ​​


  • Lasts more than 100 uses.

  • Space-saving design (stacks nicely)  

Order samples for free here.

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How does it work

The customer orders the portion in a reusable KamuDish and pays a deposit upon purchase.

The customer returns the KamuDish to the nearest restaurant, the dish will be replaced or the deposit is refunded to the customer.


The returned KamuDish is washed at the restaurant and is then ready to be reused.

Want to be a pioneer in sustainable takeaway dining?  

With Kamupak's deposit system:

  • The restaurant can reduce waste and have a positive impact on the environment  


  • The restaurant saves on packaging costs

  • Satisfied customers come back again and again


Prices from 15.60 € / month

Are you interested in a partnership?


Saara will be happy to help you and tell you more about Kamupak's service.

+358 40 670 0345 

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