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Come and try the returnable KamuCup at Kamu cafés:

Fill, use, return, repeat​

Choose a KamuCup when you buy a takeaway drink and pay a € 1 deposit.


After enjoying your drink

return the KamuCup to any Kamu café.


Use the KamuCredit you received for a new cup or cash in your credit at any time.

Check the nearest KamuCup café on the map and next time buy your takeaway drink at KamuCup.


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The time for single-use cups is over!

Disposable plastic products will disappear from the market, so there is a need for new, sustainable solutions.


Biodegradable takeaway containers generate waste and rubbish from their packaging. The KamuCup lasts up to 500 uses, so one cup can reduce CO2 emissions by 72-95% compared to a disposable cup, depending on the material.


KamuCup is a project funded by the Ministry of the Environment, which tests the use of a reusable takeaway cup and studies its environmental impacts. The pilot café's are Helsinki-based cafés and the testers are all of you, including you! Check the nearest Kamu café on the map and next time buy your takeaway drink with KamuCup.

The project will run from May 3 to August 31, 2021.


The KamuCup service is provided by Kamupak. Kamupak has previously launched a deposit system for non-throw products.


Kamupak’s mission is to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint by providing sustainable and reusable solutions instead of disposables.


KamuCup is intended to remain in range of Kamupak's services also after the campaign.

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The pilot is coordinated by the LOOP circular economy accelerator. The purpose of LOOP is to accelerate the transition towards a circular future.


LOOP is a project funded by Nordic Innovation and led by Avanto Ventures.

The KamuKuppi project is funded by


With the Kamupak app, returning a KamuCup couldn’t be simpler: just scan and get digital KamuCredits straight to your device to use for a new KamuCup again and again.


You can also cash in your credits at any time.

Download the Kamupak app!

The app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store:

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