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Reduce waste
with Kamupak!
It's important to us to keep you informed of the environmental impacts of Kamupak.
By choosing Kamupak you have the opportunity to reduce waste and emissions caused by disposable
takeaway packages
Finland's most ecological
take away container is made
of plastic. *

* and used about five times.

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One KamuDish can be used
an average of 100 times.

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KamuDish saves 6 garbage bags of waste during its life cycle.

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Compared to a typical disposable container, with KamuDish it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions
up to 72-95 %

We constantly monitor the usage volumes as well as the high level of hygiene of KamuDishes. Sustainability and safety of our products are of utmost importance to us. ​

The main environmental impacts of a KamuDish are caused by its manufacture, material, transportation, and washing.

When a KamuDish has reached the end of its life cycle we return it to the manufacturer to be recycled as raw material. Recycling 100% of the material saves a significant amount of new raw material, which significantly reduces the environmental impacts. 

In case you would like to have more detailed information on the current calculations of Kamupak, please contact Karri:

Thank you for your interest, please join us in minimizing the amount of packaging waste with the loyal KamuDish!