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Wolt and Kamupak launching in Hyvinkää

From September 2022 onwards, it will be possible to order and return KamuDishes directly through Wolt's courier partner in Hyvinkää.

Wolt and Kamupak are launching a pilot in Hyvinkää. The restaurant customer can conveniently order take away food via Wolt in a sustainable KamuBox. When ordering again via Wolt, the consumer can return the reusable KamuBox directly to the restaurant through the delivery partner.


Hyvinkää has been selected for this unprecedented pilot. For the first time ever reusability has been made as easy as possible.  

Kamupak's service is free and risk-free for the restaurant during the pilot. Join the pilot and be part of a sustainable and circular tomorrow!

Fill, use, return, repeat​
Why join the pilot?​

With the pilot, your restaurant:


  • saves on packaging costs

  • saves packaging waste and creates positive environmental effects

  • benefits from the visibility and ecological brand value brought by the pilot

  • becomes part of an unprecedented experiment


How do I become part of the pilot?

  • send a contact request here and we will contact you

  • we will onboard your restaurant staff, all you have to do is say yes to participating in the pilot

    • participating in the pilot does not bind the restaurant to anything


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Let's make Hyvinkää litter free together

Disposable plastic products will disappear from the market, so there is a need for new, sustainable solutions.
Biodegradable takeaway containers generate waste, as does their packaging. KamuBox lasts for more than 100 uses, so one box can reduce six garbage bags of waste.
In the Kamupak and Wolt pilot, ordering and returning reusable takeaway containers is tested directly through Wolt's messenger partners. Restaurants in Hyvinkää serve as the pilot environment and all Hyvinkää residents serve as testers!  




You can send a contact request  from this link , book an appointment or contact Kamupaki's partnership coordinator Saara Sokura.


+358 40 670 0345