What is KamuDish?

KamuDish is a returnable non-throw packaging product, that works as a more ecological alternative to disposable packaging within the Kamupak deposit system. At the moment our Kamu product family sports the KamuBox and KamuCup. 


Why the deposit system?

With the deposit, we encourage the user to return their reusable items to a Kamu location where the next user can pick up a clean, washed item. It is important that the products are returned so we can keep track of their usage and keep up the high level of hygiene. With the digital KamuCredit, you can keep picking up a fresh KamuDish after returning the used one again and again. 


Is the KamuDish really a more ecological alternative compared to biodegradable or cardboard disposables?

When comparing a reusable product to a disposable item, the environmental impact of a single use is the thing to look at. The production of a reusable product takes more raw materials and energy, but after some uses, the emissions are already lower compared to a disposable item. The longer a reusable product endures usage and stays in the cycle, the more ecological it is. Our KamuDish can be used up to 100 times and it is the more ecological option already after six cycles! 


What happens to a KamuDish at the end of its life cycle?

Kamu products are made of different kinds of polypropene plastics. The types of material are known so they can be returned to the manufacturer to be used again as material for new products. This is of great importance for the life cycle impact of the KamuDish, as the carbon footprint of recycled polypropylene is even more than 70% smaller compared to virgin raw materials.


Why is the KamuDish made of plastic?

Plastic is a durable, easy-to-modify, inexpensive, reusable, recyclable, and excellent material in all respects when used responsibly throughout the life cycle.


Is the KamuDish made of recycled plastic?

No, at the moment the foodstuff hygiene regulations do not allow the use of recycled plastic with food products. 


Is the KamuDish absolutely hygienic?

Yes, we take extra care to ensure that all items that are operated through our deposit system are washed so that they comply with the hygiene regulations. We remove any items that may compromise the hygiene. We also perform hygiene testing to ensure a high level of hygiene. 


Can I return a kamuDish unwashed?

We leave this up to you. We recommend rinsing the item, but washing is done by us in any case. 


Does the container leach any harmful chemicals?

The dish has been certified safe for food contact, which means it does not leach harmful chemicals over limit values. The dishes do not contain BPA compounds.